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About Us

Legacy Martial Arts of Cleveland is located in Cleveland, TN.  In 2018, Frank and Kelly Hamilton purchased Caywood Karate Studio from Mr. Tony Caywood, at which time they changed the name to reflect the legacy of its lineage.

Legacy Martial Arts is a school of long standing in Cleveland, TN, and has a direct lineage to noted Okinawan Isshinryu Karate founder Grand Master Tatsuo Shimabuku. Famous Tennessean Martial Arts pioneer Grand Master Harold Long - a student of Grand Master Shimabuku in Okinawa. Grand Masters J.C. Burris & Scott Shamblin, followed him & began teaching Isshinryu Karate in Cleveland in 1979. Master Ruth Ann Shamblin, an accomplished teacher & competitor in the Southeastern U. S., joined to lead the program. In 1990, the Shamblin’s created an affordable, program for Cleveland; later handed off to Master Tony Caywood in 2009, providing quality martial arts instruction to Cleveland. Currently, the Senior Instructors of the Dojo are Charlie Murray (8th Dan), Kent Cumberton (6th Dan), and Perry Singleton (6th Dan), supported by 5 additional Black Belts and several Junior Black Belts.

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