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Children's classes are a fun time at Legacy Martial Arts.  Your child will be taught much more than just karate while they are here.  Our instructors work each week with the children to help them learn the basics of Isshinryu Karate , which includes kicks, punches, and katas.  Respect, self-confidence and self-defense are also two very important concepts that are taught during all of our classes.  Approximately every 8 weeks, students are given the opportunity to test for their next belt level. Children learn at different levels. We want to be sure they know the material before they move on, so to encourage them to keep trying sometimes, they may be offered a "stripe" on their belt before they are promoted.  We want to acknowledge their efforts and keep them encouraged.

Our children's classes are for ages 6years old through 5th grade.  This class is from 5:30-6:25pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We welcome parents to stay in our lobby and watch the class from our big screen TVs, but if you need to run a quick errand that is ok too! 

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