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Sensei Charlie Murray

Sensei Murray has studied under noted 10th Degree Isshinryu Sensei and Grand Master Tom Lewis for the past 55 years. An accomplished and experienced instructor, he also enjoys the distinction of being one of the last Black Belts alive to have studied directly under Isshinryu Founder Tatsuo Shimabuku and his son Shinsho in Okinawa.  He holds an 8th Degree Master’s Ranking in the Isshinryu Karate System and a 2nd Degree Brown Belt in Judo.


Moreover, a highly decorated, retired Air Force Colonel, he has two Master’s Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree, and numerous military awards and recognitions.  He is a former Delaware, Pennsylvania and Tennessee Karate Champion and in 1973 won 2nd Place Heavyweight in the U.S. Karate Championships competing with and against the Top 10 Fighters in the Country as ranked by Black Belt Magazine.

In 2022, Sensei Murray was recognized and inducted into both the Isshinryu Hall of Fame and the Traditional Okinawan Karate Association (TOKA).  He is our senior most instructor and is in charge and responsible for leading all Belt Testing and Promotions at Legacy Martial Arts.

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